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Safety and Security for Powered Closure Devices and Exhibits


Capacitance-based Presence-sensing Technology

INVISA is the leader in innovative presence sensing solutions for safety and security applications. With products in service for more than eight years, we have developed a deep understanding of the practical applications of our InvisaShield™ technology. Using this base of knowledge, we are working with OEM and channel partners to develop application-specific safety and security solutions.

Established Brand for Parking Gates and Other Powered Closures

The INVISA SmartGate® product line is used today in parking gates, slide gates, and other powered closures as a non-contact safety sensor, reducing the potential for the costly vehicle damage and personal injury that is often accompanied by expensive and time-consuming litigation.

Systems Integration

Unlike other alternatives, SmartGate safety devices provide optimum protection by placing safety sensing where it is most effective: in front of and moving with powered closure devices. Invisa is working with industrial and commercial high-speed door and other powered closure OEMs to integrate InvisaShield technology into powered closure products, making them safer and easier to use.

Versatility in Application

InvisaShield technology is also applicable in security systems where it can detect intruders who violate a sensing zone, a zone ranging from a couple of inches up to three feet, or one meter. Invisa sensors have been in operation at a major New England museum since April 2003.
Please take a moment to learn more about InvisaShield. We invite you to view our InvisaShield in Action video.